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I would like to welcome you to Patuxent Payments Systems website.  My name is Rod Thomas and I have over 23 years of merchant service experience.  I can offer the best rates, customer service and payment solutions to all new and existing customers.

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At Patuxent Payment Systems, we are committed to providing the best payment solutions for your local business. My name is Rod Thomas and I have over 23 years of Merchant Service experience in the payment processing industry and I am dedicated to helping you streamline your payment process and grow your business.  I offer my personal customer service within the same day or in most cases within the hour of the customer service call.  I eliminate a lot of time and frustration for my customers by offering them this premium customer service.   I lock rates in for long term savings and I offer the best rates in the industry.  I educate and complete a free cost analysis for each and every new customer.  I assist customers personally with there PCI compliance questionnaire.  Lastly, I offer a one time free stand alone terminal programmed at no cost for all new customers who process over $250,000 in credit card volume annually.  My model offers the best customer support and pricing in the industry.  


What Our Clients Say

“Patuxent Payment Systems has been a game-changer for our business. Their payment processing solutions are fast, secure, and reliable, allowing us to focus on growing our business. Highly recommended!”

John Smith Owner, ABC Restaurant

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